In view of the rising awareness of health issues, growing incidences of non-communicable diseases as well as increasing affluence in Malaysia, many consumers believe that taking supplements are helpful to enhance their overall health and well-being.

Thus, vitamin and dietary supplements market is expecting to continuously enjoy robust growth. Of which, herbal and traditional health products will continue to gain momentum mainly due to consumers’ perception that traditional herbal products are more effective and have less harmful side effects as compared to non-herbal supplements. (Source: Adapted from “Traditional Health Supplement in Malaysia by Khazanah Research Institute – dated: 27/6/16”)

Among all the herbal and traditional health products, TCM is a natural healthcare system with the longest history developed since 200 B.C and perhaps, one of the largest and most important parts of natural health supplements. It is the essence of Chinese philosophy and medical knowledge that promote sense of balance in our body and stimulate our body’s own healing mechanism.

In tandem with the rising awareness of its safe and natural healing potential, the growing demand for TCM health supplement is expected to contribute to the market growth.

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