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Unfortunately, fertility in men has dropped by 59.3% since 1973 to 2011 in western countries. As per a research emotional stress, poor diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking & use of prescription medication adversely affect fertility in men. With improved life style pattern, addressing the root causes of stress & trying non-prescription remedial medicines; male fertility can be improved. Traditional Chinese medicine makes use of ginseng & maca root to increase sperm count and improving sperm motility rate.

What is Sperm Count & Motility?

TCM for Infertility in Men

Sperm count is defined as the number of sperm cells present in the given sample of the semen. Whereas motility is the ability of swimming & movement of sperm cells in the semen. The major reason behind male fertility is reduced sperm count & poor movement sperm cells. Experts opine losing weight along with healthy life style improves fertility in men. Since ancient times several non-pharmacological & herbal remedies have been used to increase testosterone that is a male hormone responsible for improved libido & quality of semen.

3 TCM Remedies to Boost Libido & Male Fertility

  1. Improved Libido: Green Herbs Ginseng & Notoginseng Capsule

Notoginseng for fertility in MenGinseng has long been used to maintain healthy & youthful body. It is a famous anti-oxidant root that helps boost immune system & repairs the cellular damage. It reduces oxidative stress, regulates blood pressure issues, maintains healthy blood sugar level & promotes a strong immune system. It also aids in improving sexual dysfunction in men such as failing to maintain erection, premature ejaculation, poor semen quality & inflammation of testicles.

There are several varieties of ginseng herb and each has varying benefits however the most notable are American ginseng & Chinese ginseng where the former is known for its relaxing effects and latter provides an invigorating impact. Buy ginseng capsules from Green Herbs to maintain longer erection for satisfaction of the female partner. Taking 2 capsules daily after meal has shown successful results in making your spouse pregnant.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction: Tongkat Ali Capsules

Tongkat Ali for fertility in menTongkat Ali is famous herb native to Malaysian forests. The forests are famous for being pollution free & millions of years old. It is really effective maintaining healthy body, improving blood circulation & pressure, detoxifying kidneys, strong immune system, reducing the risks of diabetes, hypertension & weight gain. Tongkat Ali is the best remedy to treat erectile dysfunction since it increases testosterone supply by about 4.4 times. It promotes human secondary growth & prostatic conditions. Buy Khang Shen Tongkat Ali capsules. It is made using 100% wild roots from the forests instead of using the cultivated tongkat ali.  You can also take Tongkat ali root slices and brew in wine to prepare a highly concentrated tonic. Take 20 gm/ day to improve sexual functions & fertility in men.

  1. Impotency & Endocrine Issues: Black Maca Root to Boost Fertility in Men

black maca root for infertility in menBlack Maca is neither a sex tonic nor a drug. It is not a medicine but a nutritional food. The specialty of Black Maca lies in how it is grown. Black Maca is only cultivated and harvested on virgin lands without any use of chemicals and pesticides. The land then goes fallow for 7 years in order to restores the fertility. In Peru, it is known as Peru ginseng and has been exchanged as a regal gift among elites since ancient times. It improves sexual disorders from prostatic complications to endocrinal issues, impotency, and erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, premature ejaculation & poor quality of semen. It also improves sperm transport & production. It increases energy, build stamina & reduces fatigue.

Infertility is fairly common and wide spread in western countries due to the stressful life conditions, fatigue, poor diet & excessive consumption of alcohol. As per a study about one in every 5 cases of couples infertility, its men’s poor reproductive system responsible. Since infertility in men produces no symptoms, it will be hard to detect the cause of infertility unless special medical tests are performed by a specialized doctor. It is in patient’s best interest to avoid pharmacological medicines to improve sexuality in men unless necessary. Although infertility is a tough issue to deal with, it can be improved using traditional Chinese medicine & remedies besides adopting a healthy life style & balanced diet.

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